Type: 8 side theorem Mill thatched De Ster
Year: 1859-1901-1903
Function: Corn Mill
Hull: Stone base with construction, thereupon wooden eight side up to 1.55 m above the theorem, with Gepotdekselde planks; Further Reed covered
Theorem: Wood, with bracing
Hood: Wood Cane covered.
Blades Cross: Outdoor Rod Dean NR 298 Build year 1979, Old Dutch Opgehekt
Inrod Dean NR 299 Build year 1979, Old Dutch Opgehekt
Flight: 23.20 m
Tail: Wood with a grocery reel.
Ground floor: Height 4.10 m
Entrance: Two entrance gates Grain silo
Exhibition space
1st floor Height 2.90 m
Folding Attic: Here in also a bump installed
2nd Floor Height 4.65 m
Stone Attic: Also loft, one torque 16th artificial stones
3rd Floor Height 3.75 m
Luizolder: Sleepluiwerk
4th Floor
Kapzolder: Height Upper Barrow 1.60 m
Diameter cockpit 4.60 m
Grocery with the staff
Axle height 3 m
As: Cast iron, length 5 m; Manufacture: Iron foundry the Prince of Orange, ‘s Hage 1895 Nr. 1464
Grocery: Neutenkruiwerk
Capture: Vlaamseblokvang, catch bar with hook, catch stick
Transmissions 1:6.47
In the Hood
Combs Bovenwiel Combs Bonkelaar Jeugdhuis
62 27
Stitch cm 11.5 11.5
Circumference m 8.21 2.91
Diameter m 2.55 0.64
Shipments 62/27 = 2.296
Stone Attic
Combing rail wheel Bars Ronsel
79 28
Stitch cm 10.4 10.4
Circumference m 8.21 2.91
Diameter m 2.55 0.64
Shipments 79/28 = 2.821
Revolutions T. O. V Top (Blades) 2, 296×2, 821 = 6.477